Friday, February 16, 2007

February Dishcloth

February Dishcloth
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I finally took a picture yesterday. Today the mid-month KAL starts. I finished todays lines and it looks like an interesting pattern. It's a lace pattern. I'm doing the 1st of the month cloths in solid colors (because they have purl-patterns) and the mid-month cloths in variegated (because they have texture). I have about 17 skeins (plus leftover yarn) of kitchen cotton and the majority is variegated. I also have a cone of white yarn and I might knit another one (of the mid-February cloth) in white if the pattern doesn't show up well with the variegated.

The February cloth (in the photo) only had one stitch of garter stitch on the edges and that is not enough. Not for me anyways. Maybe it'll be different after it's washed?

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