Monday, February 19, 2007

Toasty Toes

One thing I don't have to worry about is cold feet. I finished my Monkey socks.

Here is another view of the pattern.

Better make the best of the good weather we are having and take an outside shot of them in the sun.

The pattern is easily memorized and hard to forget - which came in handy since it took so long to finish them.

The yarn Hjertegarn sock yarn, needles 2,5 mm circular.

This is what I wrote on flickr about them: "It was designed for variegated yarn, but I was looking for a pattern with texture for this yarn. When I saw this pattern I thought it was perfect for the yarn and I started right away. I only finished it now though (about 2 months later?)."


Sigga Sif said...

Gorgeous socks! I might have to knit them too.

I tried hjertegarn sock yarn for the first time last week and I fell totally in love with it. Don't you agree that it is extremely nice?

Sonja said...

It's very nice. At least I had no complains. I'm definitely going to stock up on it next time I'm in Iceland.

But I hated the needles I was working on. They were old needles from my mom's collection. They are probably about my age (31).

Next time I knit sock, I am going to get some new needles first ;)

Rebecca said...

Those are great socks, it makes me want to try that pattern. I guess I will have to try that hjertegarn yarn when I go next too.

I think Inox make OK sock needles, because they don't break (bamboo ones tend to break easily). I decided I do NOT like the Knit Picks sock needles because they are too slippery and my stitches fall off. I've been wanting to try the rosewood ones one of these days.

sigurlaug said...

Agree, the socks are gorgeous. Really like the pattern.