Thursday, February 08, 2007

To be or not to be Yellow, that's the question!

I finished the January SAL from Maryse. I finished it on Sunday. That's the 4th, a little late, but I think I did pretty good considering I didn't start it until around the 20th!

The photo is stuck in my camera, among other photos.

I'm making a good progress on the lopapeysa (Lopi-sweater). I've joined the sleeves with the body and am about to start the pattern. Only problem is that I don't like one of the color. It's a yellow color and I thought it would be lighter. Now I'd rather want a white one. The store had a pretty strict return policy and I decided it wasn't worth it for one skein. It would have cost me more than to buy a new one. Besides, this yarn (Lamb's pride bulky) is good for felting (so it's nice to have it). But. And it's a big but. No-one sells this yarn around here! There are no yarn stores in Concord only stores like Jo-ann and Beverly's, Micheal's in next city over. They sell yarn, sure. But they basically only sell acrylic yarn or acrylic yarn mixes. This has been changing, as Lion Brand (and others) is going more into wool and exotic fibers. Now Patons even has a soy silk yarn!

I looked at some yarn store that are the closest, but none seem to carry Lamb's pride (I didn't call, just checked their website).

I'm thinking about trying the yellow color. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Maybe I can just call order that one skein? I know a store in Oakland that sells it.


Rebecca said...

Which colour are you looking for? An LYS near me is going out of business and carries Brown Sheep. I can see if they have that one on clearance and send it to you.

Sonja said...

Thank you Rebecca. I decided to go with the yellow. It's coming along nicer then I expected.