Sunday, May 15, 2005

When it rains it pours

It's been a good day today. It's my day off. I plan one day off every week to charge my batteries. The weather's been great. I put up the hamock :) I knitted and cross-stitch and I went to a great exhibition of Dieter Roth's works in Listasafn Íslands (Iceland's Art Museum) with my friend.

Here is a progress photo of the baby's overalls:

Here is how it looked May 10th:

And here a month earlier, April 10th:

I got a Mill Hill Holiday kit at a sale. I'd been curious to try these kits. They have cross stitch and beads. This one is too old to be presented at their website so I can't link to it. It came with aida fabric but I would rather make it on perforated paper and I actually had some in my stash.

Here is a picture of my progress sofar and the packing.

On Friday my cousin celebrated his 7 yo. birthday. I sent him felted slippers but turned out they were too small :( they were big enough for his 4 yo. sister. The slippers I made for her fit Kamilla. Usually I've had the problem of the slippers not felting enough! Now they felted too much.

You can find a picture of them on my account.

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Linda said...

Held að engillinn eigi eftir að vera æðislegur í pappa! :o)