Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Father Winter Ornament

It's done! I finished it, got the beads yesterday and finished it today. I would have finished yesterday but I was getting too tired. So tired I started to drop the box of beads. It's not the most fun thing in the world to pick up tiny beads with a 115 cm waist (3'8'').

Tiny as the beads were, they were a little big for the piece. Thing is I used 32 ct. evenweave instead of 28 ct. I didn't realize it would cause problems with the beads, but I think it's not too bad. I used the 32 ct. because of the color, I don't have that many evenweaves and I wanted to use light-brown so the white work would show better. The color is actually called 'bone' and I used it also in Bless our Home, so at one time I was stitching two pieces in the same piece of material. I finished the other one lot faster though (don't ask if it is on the walls yet but I just found a frame for it!).

p.s. you can see the design better if you click on the photo!

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