Monday, May 02, 2005

It's about time

I worked on my Father Winter ornament tonight. I only had about 1 hour of work left! Why hadn't I done it sooner? Good question, one reason is that I was doing white work and the last few things were in different colors (so I had to find them), another reason was that the last thing was a lazy daisy stitch and I've neven done that before and the last reason is that I suffer from 'can't finish-syndrome'. I tend to lay projects aside as I am close to finishing. Well, I'm not done completely. I still have to put beads in, but I don't have any beads so I can't do it right now.

This design was the August 2004 monthly SAL at my cross stitching club. Yes, August 2004, that's when I began this little project! I was even the one to pick it because I was the first to complete July's SAL. So what's SAL. SAL stands for Stitch-A-Long and the monthly SAL is a little design that is for free on the internet, which anyone can make. The one that is quickest to make it get's to choose next months SAL.


perclexed said...

So pretty! I love Teresa Wentzler's designs - they're definitely complex and beautiful and well worth the time.

I haven't forgotten you - I'm still sifting through patterns, and checking to see if I have some of the Weeks Dye Works colors on hand to send with a Bent Creek or two. I'm moving a bit slower this week, as I have to finish a scarf for my mother for Mother's Day on Sunday 8 May. But you're not forgotten! :)

Linda said...

Rosalega fallegt hjá þér!
Ég er einmitt að spá í að gera þetta á ljósbláan evenweave, held að það komi flott út.
Hvaða perlur eiga aftur að vera í þessu? Ég á einhvern haug af perlum heima og get látið þig fá ef ég á þær réttu, eða eitthvað nálægt þeim :)

Sonja said...

Thanks perclexed :) Don't worry, take your time.

Takk Linda, en mig langar til að eiga perlur líka ;) Fór í Handavinnubúðina á leiðinni á bókhlöðuna. :o