Thursday, May 12, 2005


I spend most of my time at the library these days. There are a lot of people since there are exams at the University (it's a University library). One day I sat next to a woman in a wool sweater with this nice pattern. I liked the pattern so much I tried to sketch it but it looked like I was staring at her so I secretly took a photo of her sweater with my phone instead. The image is not very clear but I can still make out the pattern, or most of it!

Since I'm spending so much time on the library there is not a lot of time left for knitting and stitching. Actually the time is so sparse that I seem to have forgot to put the updated picture of my knitting on the computer! Hm... I planned to show it. Well I've done quite a bit since I took this picture so maybe it is time for a new one anyways.

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