Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick update

Three out of the 5 babies have been born. They are all well and adorable, and ... I've heard of two more that will be born in November. Yay! More baby knitting!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I finished a crochet baby blanket at knitting. It's the Baby M Blanket by the Knitting TV star Vickie Howell. It has a interesting pinwheel pattern called the Harlequin Stitch (also called Catherine Wheel). The wheels were easier to make than I thought, they are really just increases and decreases. However, I could not learn how to begin each row so I had to constantly refer to the pattern and keep track of which one of the four alternating rows I was on. The way the yarn and the pattern came together was serendipitous. After my daughter´s field trip to the Columbus Zoo, we took the rare chance of shopping seriously (there's not a lot of shopping possible within 45 min driving distance from where we live) and we went to an art supply store. The main purpose was to get some tempura paint for the kids, but in the same aisle they had a bit of yarn! Mostly kitchen cotton but also 5 skeins of superwash wool. The wool was regularly priced at $4.99 per skein but was on sale for $1.39!!!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought up all of the remaining yarn. It was 'Washable Ewe' by Debbie Stoller, the author of Stitch Nation, the book that helped launch the knitting craze few years back. I didn't have a plan for this yarn. The colors were good, white, yellow and cyan, very modern. Shortly after I got the yarn the idea of using it in a baby blanket and this baby blanket in particular struck me out of nowhere (divine intervention?). Anyways, it was a perfect combination of yarn and pattern, I had enough to make a nice border as well. I can't wait to show you a picture. Soon, I promise.

Last night (Wednesday) I also finished a dishcloth, which was quite a challenge to make. It feels great to finish two things in one day! Yay! But I tell you about it later when I have more time.

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Sonja said...

I think the blue color is teal rather than cyan. Either way, it rocks!