Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now with photos

This morning I posted a little update (which ended up being not so little and I got late for my Mommy breakfast (a group of mom who meet every month during the school year).

I took some photos after I came home from work today. Here is the blanket (unwashed and unblocked):

Here is the dishcloth I finished last night. Lavender the cat was too adorable not to be included in the photo.

The pattern is Honeycomb Check Dishcloth (you need to log in to get the pattern) by Sugar n' cream. That's the name of the kitchen cotton I used to make the dishcloth and the color is 'Country Red'. The pattern was hard to do because of two things. First it contained mistakes (notice the deliberate use of the plural from of that word), one of which is actually visible because since I followed the pattern blindly for the first repeat I was at the second or third repeat when I discovered it and decided it was not worth it to go back and fix it (although I was thinking about giving it away but the mistake makes me want to keep it for myself). The other reason it was hard to do was because you had to maneuver stitches from two rows down once in a while and pull them up to the needle. It was tight!

Other than that, I'm very happy with the finished product. I like the texture and the look of the pattern.

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