Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Knitter´s baby shower

Knitter's baby showers are the best. In the US it is customary to hold a party for the mother to be before the baby is born and giver her stuff for the baby as opposed to visit her after the baby is born. We had two pregnant members of the knitting group, one due in May and the other in June so today we had a baby shower for them.

I had two cardigans and two matching hats for the expecting mothers.

Here is one of the mom, Krystal. This is her second (and a second boy).

Here is the other momma-to-be, Jess, who is expecting her first.

And an extra photo of the adorable Oscar, who´s mom just recently joined the knitting group hanging out with Jin, knitter extraordinaire.

I've been trying to learn to make marengs cakes. They're always too thin and chewy, but I tried and brought the 'delicious disaster' to the shower (aptly named by Stephanie - who else).

The first sweater can be found on Ravelry here, and the second here.

The yarn for these two sweaters (and the matching hats) was obtained in Salt Lake City so it is extra special souvenir yarn. The pattern for the cardigans was a really good one. I made it 5 times and I never changed a thing. However, none of the hats ended up the same way. I'll make this pattern again if I need a baby gift. It's a free pattern on Ravelry, just saying :)

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