Sunday, January 13, 2008

Turkish slippers

Turkish slippers - crochet
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Yesterday I was pacing all over the house, finding something productive to do, but not really having the energy to actually get anything done (we´re talking housework here). I didn´t have anything on the needles. Project after a project has been stalled due to a lack of yarn! I´m making a pair of socks and a bath mat and I need yarn for them both :(

My husband urged me to relax and knit something. He said it was weird not seeing me with knitting needles in my hands so would I please just start something new. He was right, I should relax. I guess I´m still wound up after the move. In December I basically had to pack and organize stuff every moment I got and it is a little hard to allow myself to relax. I should not do any housework on Saturdays and just charge my batteries.

I didn´t pick up a knitting project, but rather a crochet project. These slippers are called 'Turkish Slippers' and they are on the cover of this book.. I love this book, Simple Crochet, there are many elegant crochet projects there, all for the home. A lot of them are also made with strange thread, like kitchen twine. There are some boxes made out of twine that I really want to do. And this and that.
Turkish slipper
I didn´t really want orange slippers, but I found this yarn on sale last summer and so orange they became. This is Rowan Handknit DK, 100% cotton and the slippers are crochet with a 5 mm hook (yarn held double throughout). It´s a super quick and easy project but turnes out really nice. I like them :) and I think I got used to the color :o

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Anonymous said...

I love these slippers. I have the book too and have wanted to do them for myself for a very long time. Maybe I should, since they're so quick to make. I think the orange colours looks quite hippie. They're cute:-)