Saturday, January 19, 2008

Polygamous knitter yet again

Lately I´ve been knitting/crocheting on one pattern at a time but now all of a sudden I´m casting-on left and right. Ravelry is helping me keeping track of everything.

I think part of the 'problem' is that I've stalled with couple of projects. Especially the bathmat I was making. I didn´t get enough yarn for it :(


I do finish projects as well - socks for hubby, a strawberry, finally felted Clint´s slippers (which is fodder for a blog post in itself) and have been working on dishcloths.

Yes, I said I knitted a strawberry. It was a lot of fun too :) Just click on the photo and you can see the source for the pattern. If you have a pattern for knitted fruit or veggies, please let me know. This is fun and can be used as play food for the kids.

The other day I listened to the episode of YarnCraft, where the Yarn Harlot was being interviewed. I found that her and I are very different knitters. She likes to knit for people but not so much to knit stuff that is not for people but I like to knit things that are not for people a lot (e.g. for the home). I think I remember her describing herself as a process knitter but except for lacy shawls I am definitely a product knitter. She came up with the phrase 'Second Sock Syndrom' (or maybe I just heard it there for the first time) but that is something I haven´t experienced (so far at least). What use is there in one sock! I can´t wait to get the second one done so you´ll have a usable pair.

Well, time to get the kids to sleep. Adios


hakucho said...

Love your strawberry. Looks good enough to eat :)

Have you seen these patterns?:

happy knitting :)

marit said...

I made a strawberry too- and use it to stick my darningneedle in...
It was really cute.

Rebecca said...

Your strawberry is so fun! You always find the best patterns. I wanted to do the mystery knit but I didn't have any good yarn for it. Now that you showed what it was, I want to make some for my niece. What yarn did you end up using?

Sonja said...

Thank you guys

hakucho: Thanks for the link. No, I hadn't seen them.

marit: I hope you'll take a picture of yours and show us :).

rebecca: Thanks. I just used leftover yarn of unknown origin. The green was held double because it was much thinner. The main thing is to use needles that are a little smaller than what the yarn calls for, like worsted weight yarn with 3.5 mm needles (size 4).

Penny said...

It's frustrating when you don't get enough yarn.

I know what you mean about second sock syndrome: if anything I have first sock syndrome, which means I take ages over the first one, but do the second one really quickly.

Sonja said...

Penny: That's what I do. I fiddle around with the first sock and then the second one is a breeze. I take much longer with the first one. Funny.

And I just want to say that I don't think it matters what kind of knitters we are. It's just fun to see how everybody is different.

Erla Björk said...

En sætt jarðaber. Trúi vel að það hafi verið gaman að prjóna það.
Erla Björk

Harpa J said...

Jarðarberið er krúttað! Ég verð að prófa að hlusta á þessa þætti - takk fyrir að benda á þá!

StashDiva said...

Jarðaberið er flott, ég held að ég sé bæði process og product knitter það fer eftir því hvað ég er að gera í það og það skiptið.