Saturday, January 26, 2008


Thanks too Ravelry I have a good overview of my projects. At the moment I have 7 WIPs in my project list. Below is a description of them in the order they appear in my project list with the name (in bold) which I identify them on Ravelry.

My own slippers: After I´ve made this very slipper pattern for each of my grandmothers and total of 3 times for my husband, I´m finally making one for me. The first two for my grandmothers were a Christmas present 2004, then a birthday present for my husband in March 2005. He wore them out so I made him another pair in 2006 but since we had moved to the US (from Iceland) I was unsuccessful in felting them so they got tossed out. I made yet another pair for him after I learned how to felt by hand (from an article in Knitty). My pair of slippers were born out of necessity rather than want. It´s not so much that I want the slippers but I´m using the leftover yarn to make a felted bag and I need more yarn for the strap. You see, all but one of these pairs (plus 2 pairs of children socks in a different variation) have been knit with one yarn, Fritidsgarn from Sandnes.

Linen Hand Towel: Ever since getting the Mason-Dixon knitting book I´ve been wanting to try to knit with linen. There is a very well known pattern in the book for a hand towel knitted with a hank of Euroflax linen. I started it last weekend but deemed th gauge too loose even if I had already went down in needle size. This project has been ripped until I get the right needles. I was using US 4/3.5 mm and am debating whether to go down to the next US size (3) or the next metric size 3 mm (the US size is 3.25 mm).

Leftover bag: From all of the felted slippers out of Fritidsgarn. The pattern is a free pattern on

Clint´s slippers 2.5: The third pair I make for my husband. I named them 2.5 since I tossed the second pair out after unsuccessful felting. I felted this pair once already but I will have to do it again.

Pillow: A crochet pillow. The front is out of 9 sort of modern granny squares and the back is done by Tunishian crochet. All I have left is to fix up the back a little and add buttons. Pathetic really how little is left and how long it´s been unfinished.

Shopping bag:
My newest project, started Thursday. It´s a shopping bag made out of Hempathy. I´ve had this yarn (gotten on sale last summer) which I intended for a shopping bag but with a different pattern but last weekend I saw this pattern on Ravelry and since it called for Hempathy I was very excited, especially since I like the way it looks. I´m done with the bottom part of it and am starting the lace part. Fun. The pattern can be found on the designer´s blog.

Bath mat: The last project on my list. A crochet bath mat. It was going pretty fast about 3 weeks ago until I found that I hadn´t ordered enough yarn :( The pattern is from the excellent book 'One skein'.

And there you have it. The linen towel might be on hold for a bit until I make up my mind (I´m a libra so that could take awhile) but the rest of them are quite viable.

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