Saturday, November 24, 2007

The forgotten blog

I just realized I never wrote about my knitting retreat on the blog :o I don't even think I mentioned I was going. Úpps.

Well I did go and it was great. We were 8 knitters, all women, who meet on Thursdays at the LYS for couple of hours. Well, sometimes couple of hours just aint enough so we rented a cabin by Lake Hope, which is close by and spent last weekend knitting and eating (little bit of sleep in between).

I worked on slippers for Clint and finished a hat for Kamilla (about 5 times!). When I cam home I immediately started gloves. These are Cigar from knitty.


I made all the fingers whole and knit the smallest size for me in one color. It was a quick knit on 3.5 mm needles.

I also finally got a decent photo of me in the jacket/sweater/cardigan whatchacallit


I wear it all the time. It´s just great.

I just started socks for Kamilla. These last weeks have been all about knitting for the extremeties for the family. Then I want to do a big project for me.

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