Sunday, November 25, 2007

Felting by hand

You gotta do what you gotta do. Since I'm stuck with top loaders (washing machines that the laundry goes in on the top instead off the traditional front loaders) I haven't been able to felt. The pieces come out all limp :( I miss my old front loader in Iceland. Maybe it's just Icelandic washer that are different from Americans, who knows?

I had my French Market Bag. I had run it twice through the washing machine on low water and with couple of pairs of shoes. But the fabric was still limp and hardly felted at all. I use coin laundry and there is just a limit to how many times I can wash a single item.

Along came a hand felting article in the latest Knitty.

I decided to try that. Bought a plunger and a bucket in Family Dollar for the total of $3 (only if all my knitting supplies where so cheap).

Felting part 2

After plunging away at the bag, with a little dish soap and some 'help' from my daughters I felt (ha ha ha) I had made some progress.

Felting part 1 Felting part 3

Then I dried the bag by rolling it up in a towel and shaped it by putting a plate in the bottom and filling it up with plastic bags. I also folded it in on the sides because it was a little too wide.

Felting part 4

When it has dried I will sew in the sides and then use it as a knitting bag.


marit said...

Snidugt! Thanks for putting that link to Knitty and handfelting...I have a few angels that I might try to felt this way instead of starting the washing machine!
The bag looks great, I really like the colours.

Rebecca said...

You can still felt in a top loader, mine is a top loader and it works fine. I also have a friend that would farm her felting out to another friend... but your solution seems really good, and your bag is really nice!