Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Me segir kindin (Bah says the sheep)

Have you seen Yarn Harlot's post from yesterday? I haven't noticed any back-talking amongs knitting bloggers, have you? I have to admit I don't frequent a lot of knitting blogs these days. Mostly just those in my side bar to the right. I do think I've heard something about this before, but never noticed it.

The pillow is growing slowly. Especially today since my girls got a hold of the project and got the threads so tangled up that I'm still unraveling it. It must have taken them forever to do this to begin with. I wonder what their father was doing in the mean time? Probably having a quiet and peaceful time. ;)


Rebecca said...

He was probably having one of those moments where one wonders "Why are they so quiet?" ;)

Cassie said...

Or perhaps he was thinking, "Oh, they're playing with yarn like their mother" - not quite realizing what was going on.

I used to run across the occasional negative blog, but quickly learned to just stop reading them when the snide critiques got to be too much.

Sonja said...

I might have just blocked these posts out. Thankfully, the people I read the most talk mostly about their knitting and other positive things. I love how everybody compliments each other and gives support. That's why I was supprised by Stephanie's post because I don't see this myself.

I think he was just enjoying the free time he had - he is a stay at home dad, so any free time is probably appreciated.

Even if I put my projects away, they are usually in their reach, which normally isn't a problem.