Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Correction and moving on

I was wrong in the last post. The temperature is not in the 80's it's in the 90's (around 35C) and it's too hot to even hold the shawl, let a lone wear it!


Right now I'm working on the pillow above which I started last winter. Currently I'm working on the back. And it's taking much longer than I thought it would. Maybe since I'm using a new technique (well new to me anyways), Tunisian Crochet.


Rebecca said...

Yuck. It's in the 80s here according to the weather thing on my Mac, that is quite hot enough.

That pillow is really pretty. Tunisian crochet sounds interesting to try sometime.

Rebecca said...

You can make this next. ;)

Erla Björk said...

Hæ Sonja
Ég var að skoða flickr myndasíðuna þína. Rosalega ertu búin að gera margt fallegt og ekkert smá dugleg að prjóna. Of ofsalega eru dætur þínar miklar dúllur.
Kveðja Erla Björk

Sonja said...

Takk Erla Bjork

Tunisian Crochet is interesting to try. Now I want to try some intarsia with it and maybe some textured work as well.