Saturday, June 16, 2007

Large Rectangle Shawle with Diamond Center

I finished my rectangle shawl. I learned how to knit edging around corners and I got better every corner. By the last one I really got the hang of it - and then it was over. The end of the edging even lined perfectly up with the cast-on edge. I can´t believe it. I'd been nervous about it the entire time I was knitting the edge.

The center pattern was very easey to remember and pleasant to knit. The edge pattern was more complicated and it took two tries and 10 repeats before I had it memorized. First I got about 4 repeats up before I had to rip it all back and start over.

This morning I crafted the edge ends and put away the whole 4 ends that were left. Although this project took 5 skeins of Kambgarn (on 4.5 mm needles for the center and 4 mm for the edging), since it was wool I spliced the new skein to the old when I ran out. As a result I only had two ends for the center part and two ends for the edging to weave in.

Before I could block it I had to wash it. I used too much shampoo, see:

Stage 1 - Washing

Then I blocked it on our bed and it went fine, despite Kamilla helping me (he he). I had enough pins, which I'm thankful for.

Stage 2: Blocking

Kamilla thinks the shawl is for laying on and can't wait to try it out.

There is a close up:

Close up on Victorian shawl


Fríða said...

til hamingju, Sonja! frábærlega fallegt sjal.
kv.frá Íslandi

marit said...

Ædislega fallegt! Og med svona goda hjálpari!

Sigrún said...

Vá, flott sjal. Kv. Sigrún

Sonja said...

Takk fyrir thad :)

Sigga Sif said...

Geggjað sjal Sonja! Ætlarðu í alvöru að gefa það?

Sonja said...

Ó nei, ætla sko ekki að gefa það.