Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And the ball keeps rolling ...

Thank you for your input on yesterday's post. It was interesting to read.

I have now an overdue update on Woodland Grace. I am supposed to update on Mondays and right now is a monday (for about half an hour more) but I forgot to update last week. I even had a photo and all. So now there are two photos.

The first was taken on April 9th. I didn't finish all af the bead work but the majority is done and the face is left to do as well. Instead of finishing the angel I started working on the trees as you can se from yesterday's photo. On the right side I stitch both of the green colors but on the left side only the lighter shade of green. It makes a lot of difference. The pictures can be seen in this album.

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Rósa said...

Vá, þetta skot gengur hjá þér :-D Hún er svaka flott þegar perlurnar eru komnar :-)