Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WG and trying to catch up

Time to upgrade on Woodland Grace. Here is were she's at right now.

Not a lot has been done. I've been knitting more lately and one reason is that I really didn't have good enough light to cross stitch (let alone work with beads) in the evenings. Nothing gets done in the daytime, especially when Ása Sóley was sick. We did go to IKEA this weekend and I bought a good lamp. It doesn't have a daylight bulb but it should work just fine (I'm just used to the luxury of daylight). I have done more work than you can see on the picture above so I added another picture.

I got a break on Saturday, where both the girls were asleep at the same time. I used it to separate the beads and put them in a container I got at Joann's the other day. That was a time well spent if you ask me :) I had started a post long time ago about Joann's (they opened a new and bigger store in a walking distance (albeit a long walking distance) from my house. In the same post I talked about my visit to Fashion-knit in Walnut Creek. I hate the name but as it was the first time I was in a yarn shop outside Iceland and it was the first time I saw actual sock yarn (not just SISU or couple of colors of Regia), 100% cashmere and 100% silk yarn. I was in awe, especially at the price, $44 a skein. I want to go to more knitting stores, especiall to get comparison. I think Fashion-knit is a rather small store. They had few colors of each but I'll have to go to more stores to get some comparison. Just search for 'yarn san francisco' on Google Local and go through pages after pages of yarn shops in the Bay area. The search comes up with 745 insidents but as far as I can see there might be around 80 yarn shops within couple of hour drive from here. A little bird told me Sigga Sif is coming to the area in May. She'll have a lot of yarn shops to choose from. How can you optimize a yarn shopping experience? (I think I might be too tired and my inner engineer is coming through).


Sigga Sif said...

Yay! I'm so excited. It's pretty much the same here with yarn shops, just the classics. I'm really looking forward to seeing all this fancy stuff I've been hearing about in blogland. Especially Lorna's laces, I'm dying to try that out!

Oh, and I am VERY big on optimizing, let's be the true nerds we really are ;-)

Sonja said...

Well dont expect me to set up a travelling salesman model ;)