Tuesday, January 10, 2006


If this entry is not inspiring I don't know what is. Being an engineer I have a soft spot when it comes to mathematical knitting and I've wanted to do a moebius pattern. However, I saw one where all you did was to knit back and forward and then sew it together 'wrong' so it has a moebius form. I lost interest. This woman, Cat Bordhi, has actually figured out a way to knit it on circular needles. How cool is that? She also figured out a way to make socks with two circular needles instead of 5 sock needles. Also very cool. Also very tempting.


Sigga Sif said...

I so agree with you :-), scientific knitting rules!

Kristján showed me a photo of a guy who had a knitted Klein bottle hat, and that one was also pretty cool.

Rebecca said...

I've tried that 2 circular thing and it does work. It baffles me HOW, but it does work. And it's somewhat faster.

Judy said...

I make socks all the time with 2 circular needles using her method, or even one very long circ the same way. It's better than 5 smaller needles...fewer things to get lost! I haven't had the nerve to try the Möbius thing yet, though.