Sunday, January 22, 2006

Belated and a brand new photo

I finally took a picture of my sweater ornament I made. It's from the book Weekend knitting. I actually made the sweater itself last fall. Then it sat in my bag for few months. I never even took a picture of it since I wanted to iron it first (goes to show how much I iron, he he).

Then, before Christmas, I decided enough was enough and took out the sweater, made the little flower decoration and put in a cord. Still I never took a picture of it but hung it in the front door window. Then, Christmas was over, I took down the ornament but still didn't take a picture. I had it in the car one day (it's permantent place will be hanging down from the rear-view mirror) then took it down to photograph. Went to my mom's and left the camera there! So finally it's here.

Also here is the progress photo of the French Village. No uploading on pbase but I can link to the photo itself. Here is a link to how it look 2 weeks ago. You can click the photo for a larger image.

I went to my dad's summerhouse with my brothers and sister. It was a lot of fun AND I got time to work on my pattern. I also finished a pair of mittens for my brother but took no picture :( They were black (natural black) Lopi mittens with a skull pattern in duplicate stitch.

The night before we left (at about 1 AM) I founded an Icelandic knitting group. Finally we can talk about knitting us Icies. The group is called Garnaflækja, it means either a 'yarn tangle' or 'tangled up intestine' depending on your preference. I encourage any Icelandic speaking knitter/crocheter to join (and it's free!).


Litla Skvís said...

Þessi litla peysa er svo æðislega flott!

Og gangi þér vel með klúbbinn!

Litla Skvís said...

Já... og tókstu eftir því að þessi sama færsla kemur alveg oft oft.....

Sonja said...

Takk takk

og takk líka fyrir að benda mér á það. Búin að laga :)