Sunday, December 04, 2005

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Right now I'm working on 4 WIPs. One is a knitted item and is the hat I showed you a picture of in last blog (which Linda correctly guessed). It is an on-line pattern (in Icelandic) in Regia sock yarn, 6 ply (as it is the only one sold in Iceland that I know of - at least in Hagkaup) in passion colorway. I'm making this hat for Kamilla, although I don't know why. This child has more hats than she can use! I might give it to someone. I'm using up left-over yarn from when I made my first (and only sofar) socks.

For cross stitching I have 3 projects current. One is a present and you will get pictures in about 2 weeks. One is my band sampler - it's such a joy to stitch. Both the silk yarn and the variety of stitches make it very interesting. I just wish I had more stitching time. Finally, I've picked up the Crescent Moon by Mirabilia and started the bead work. I'm making this pattern for Kamilla and I also want to make one for Ása Sóley. I've been looking at the other Little Stitches patterns and have started to lean towards this one. Although it is called newborn joy I doubt that it will be in the working for a while.

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Rebecca said...

Wow, they really DO sell everything in Hagkaup! I didn't know there was sock yarn there!