Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Xmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. Kamilla is discovering Christmas for the first time and just loved opening packages, and she didn't really care who the belonged to as long as they where opened. I was reading the tags and handing out the presents and she would sometimes go behind me and grab a gift. We were me, Clint and the girls and my mother. Here in Iceland Christmas starts on 6 PM on Christmas Eve. We ate light-smoked lamb and it was delicious. And after dinner we opened our presents. Normally we clean up after dinner first and eat desert but since the girls are so young we wanted to open the presents before they fell asleep.

Now I have uploaded some pictures. This is the birthday present for my friend, who turned 30 in December. It is a Lizzie Kate design worked on the recommended fabric, Cafe Mocha linen.

Here is the only Christmas present I made by hand. It is a scarf I made for my Grandmother Laufey. It is crochet in Merino (Jaeger yarn) and has Biggy Print yarn (Rowen) woven in, also merino. I've never wanted to do a scarf before. This one is different because it is crochet not knitted and maybe I'm just getting more mature.

Now I want to clear out as many WIP's as possible. I got the silk thread I needed for the TW piece and did the little bit that was left. Now I have to add the beads and I have them ready. In the new year I want to concentrate more on big patterns and delicate patterns. I got some patterns from Golden Kite. I've been lurking on their webpage for over a year and now they had an offer I couldn't refuse. I spent twice the amount of money I had planned but got four patterns instead, 1,2,3,4. The first two I bought and the next two I got for free. I don't plan to do them all. At least not in the nearest future. I joined an internet group for people who like to do big projects and it is very inspirational.

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Mikið eru þetta fallegar myndir. Gangi þér vel að sauma þær.