Tuesday, November 29, 2005

HD blog

I made a project that I didn't share here on the blog since it was a gift. It was a frog bib! Who would appreciate that kind of design for there baby??? We were babysitting (or frogsitting) two frogs for friends of mine and they just had a baby. An adorable baby girl Áslaug Edda. Here's the bib:

I also made these Lopi mittens awhile ago and I believe I mentioned them here. They are the once I only had 10 cm (4") left of the yarn when I finished. Here they are:

I've been working on my Just Nan band sampler from Hanging by a Thread. Their photo is terrible but here is the first band:

Finally, I started a new project - can you guess what it is?

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Litla Skvís said...

Hlakka til að sjá meira af Just Nan verkefninu!
Ég giska á að nýja stykkið sé húfa.