Sunday, April 10, 2005

Time for pix

I think it is time for some pictures.

First, Cresent Dreams. I've only been working on it a little bit lately. I've mostly been knitting lately.

So here is a knitting picture. This is one and a half sleeve of baby's suit from a Dale pattern (with Dale baby ull yarn). I intended it to be white and yellow at first but then changed my mind and turned the yellow in for dark blue. I remembered how nice Kamilla would look in dark blue. But when I see this unfolding it looks very boyish. Hopefully it will be a boy (if not then a tomboy - strákastelpa).
I'm done with one sleeve (leg) and started on the other one. Then they will be connected and knitted upwards.

Finally the shawl I've been working on. It 'only' needs to be stretched. Only I say. I have parquet (parket) except for a rug in the living room. I was going to stretch it on the rug but then I realized there was no way of doing it without Kamilla getting into one or more of the apprx. 200 pins required for the job. So mom to the rescue. I can stretch it at her place.


Linda said...

Mig langar í sjalið þitt! ;o)
Hlakka líka til að sjá CD þegar hún er tilbúin. Gjörsamlega elska efnið sem að þú notar í hana!

Sonja said...

Ég vona að það náist að strekkja það fyrir helgina, þá get ég komið með það. Kem pottþétt með Cresent Dreams með mér í bústaðinn þó.

Cassie said...

The shawl looks beautiful, even unblocked, but blocking always works its magic and makes everything even better.

perclexed said...

The shawl is gorgeous. Wow. I have serious envy, and really want the Three Cornered and Long Shawls book *badly*. ;)

Also? Yay Crescent Dreams! I love it! Every time I visit your blog, I get the urge to pull out my cross stitch supplies. I should really go through all my patterns and see if I can't do a random gifting. Are there any designers you like but don't have patterns for? Email me if you'd like at perclexed at hotmail dot com if you have a wish list. :)

Hafrún said...

Tekurðu pantannir í sjalið hehe. Það er rosa fallegt og CD er æðisleg en ég á munstrið og læt eflaust vaða í hana einn daginn.