Thursday, January 05, 2012

The year 2011 in knits - Part 3

Next up are 3 little fun projects that I just had a blast doing. They are all from the same book: Amigurumi knits. I can't believe I never blogged about these. They are the perfect blog fodder!

The first one was a cucumber (Ravelry link). It must have looked very yummie, because the dog ended up 'eating' it.

The second one was an earthworm (Ravelry link).

I actually made two earthworms, one for my kids and the other for a birthday gift for friend's son along with a kids' fishing pole.

The third was a garlic(Ravelry link). Obviously the dog doesn't like garlic because this one has been completely untouched unlike the cucumber - or could it be because it's made out of acrylic while the cucumber is made out of wool!

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