Monday, January 02, 2012

The Year 2011 in knits - Part 1

I can't say I was a prolific blogger in the year 2011. From Ravelry, I count 40 projects I finished in the year 2011. Although these are mostly small projects, it's a lot more than I made in 2010. However, I only had 24 blog posts in 2011, so a lot fell between the cracks.

The first project I finished in 2011 was blogged. It was the socks Sam by Cookie A (ravelry link). Made out of yarn I had previously knit up in a shawl, but resused and some yarn from a friend of mine (see if you can see it in the picture).

Next project was about 7 potholder (counts as 7 in the total number of projects), 5 of which were used for the 2011 Crochet Potholder exchange. The yarn was sport weight mercerized cotton, Reynolds Saucy Sport, which has since been discontinued :( This project was blogged and here is the ravelry link.

The next project was not blogged. It is a sweater called A by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi 26, made out of plötulopi (unspun icelandic wool) held triple on huge needles. Very quick project (took only a week), and the shoulder decreases are very interesting. This sweater was made from my coworker who is always cold and ordered the yarn from Iceland for me to make it. A knitter can't resist to knit for someone that's perpetually cold. (Ravelry link)

The next project is one that I've used quite a bit even if it's fingerless mittens. I never took a picture of the finished product, but they match a shawl I made in 2010. I actually have accessories that match! Public Ravelry link but no blog post.

I did blog about the next project, but I never told you I made 2 more. Perfect project to learn knitting backwards. Ravelry 1, Ravelry 2 and Ravelry 3.

This is enough for now. I want to get back to my crochet blanket (afghan for some people) which is almost done!

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