Sunday, November 09, 2008

I can knit again

Work's been busy lately. Too busy for me to knit even. I've hardly seen my daughters for the last couple of weeks but now it's quiet(er) again. I picked up Clint's sweater (it's actually a cardigan, but I'm still not used to having more than one word for peysa). When I left off, I'd noticed I had lost track on the sleeve part. Now that I can concentrate on it again I realized that I only went about 4-6 rows over where I should have stopped. I finished the first sleeve this weekend and started the next. I can't believe this project is almost over! I think I´ll have 5 balls of yarn left over. At least that's better than having too little. Plus the color is good for dyeing.

The socks I mentioned earlier were frogged, rip-it, rip-it. And I've almost finished reknitting one again. It goes really fast since they are so small.

No photos. I haven´t seen the camera since I got back from Vegas. I really have to get a new one anyways. But maybe now I can start looking for it properly.

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