Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter knitting

It's getting to be a more like winter here. Freezing temperatures and whatnot. I wish I'd already finished couple of things that are on my needles.

  • Monkey - Knit with green Hjertegarn sock yarn (Danish), which I bought in √Ālafoss, factory outlet for Icelandic wool. I'm not knitting it with variegated like it's designed for, but it seems to be fine nonetheless. I wanted a textured sock with this yarn and this pattern sure is textured.

    I'm knitting them with two circular needles (what else) and the project has been in my purse. Problem is I don't go anywhere and if I do I have 1-2 toddlers with me so I have my hands full anyways. So I have upgraded this project to an around-the-house project.

  • Rennd lopapeysa. This was all the rave couple of years ago. I had no interest in it until I moved here. I knitted the torso already and have started one of the sleeve. It's knit with Lamb's pride bulky, very soft (15% mohair). I just wished it was finished already.

Then I have a cross stitch project I've been working every day (basically) and a crochet project, that is finished (the crochet part). But the finishing is not done yet. I'll show you the crochet one as soon as I get the photos uploaded from my camera.

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Rebecca said...

We have finally been getting some winter temperatures here too. It's such a shocker too because we had super warm weather last week.

Monkey is a cool pattern, I can't wait to see your progress on it.