Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FO overload

I got some photos loaded up:

This is the first dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth group (which reminds me, the Mid January KAL started today).

This is the crocheted ornament I got in my Christmas 'card' from Garnstudio. It's quick to make and I'm happy I made an ornament at all. See previous post. The thread is a white nylon (or some kind of plastic) with glitter. Very festive ;)

This is a front part of a pillow I'm making. It's made up of crochet solid granny squares. I like these (the solid) better than the regular version. This is inspired by Mustaa Villaa's pot holders and the granny square blanket-wannabe I made (see next picture). It's made out of leftover cotton yarn (Mandarin Classic) and cotton/polyester blended yarn from Europris. I recommend the blended cotton for a pillow since it's softer, but the regular cotton (mercerized) is fine as well.

I was going to use fabric for the back but am leaning towards knitted back.

Here are the girls modeling with the granny square blanket. I made the granny squares, but gave up on the blanket and ended up using the rest of the yarn (I only bought half the yarn required) for the Log Cabin blanket (see next photo) plus other yarn. My stepmom sewed the squares together with the ingenious method of machine sewing (zigzaging) them together. It's looks really good and you can't even tell it's machine sewed. She then sent us the blanket for Christmas.

I finished 8 rounds of the Log Cabin. I still have yarn for at least one more round, but I decided to weave in the remaining ends and use as is for a while and give the project a little rest. Kamilla loves the blanket and thinks it's for her. In reality it's for me but don't tell her ;)

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Sigga Sif said...

The blankets look really great! I'm thinking I need a blanket myself, but it seems like such a big project to take on.

Við í garnaflækju hittumst annars í gær heima hjá Fríðu. Það var ofsalega huggulegt.