Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year

Hi again. I was a little sick. Nothing serious, thank God. But it still required a trip to the emergency room on Jan 2nd. I had an inner ear virus infections and had severe vertigo. The virus is gone and so is the dizziness. All I had to do is wait it out (took about 2-3 days) and to take motion sickness tablets. The worst part was not being able to knit/crochet/stitch (I'm doing a mix of all of the methods these days). No, that's not true. The worst part was hanging on to consciousness during the dizzy spells.

I'm working on different projects right now. The cross stitching picture is still going strong. I'm probably past the 50% point on the crosses, but the backstitch is going to be a drag. I've been working on my Lopapeysa, the modern design but out of Lamb's Pride, which resembles Sandnes Alfa (for the Scandinavian readers). I'm still working on the body. It's a good mindless knitting while I'm watching TV and I've actually been watching a lot of TV lately. Actually I've been watching Comcast On Demand - which is a cable service, where I can get variety of shows and movies. And that's just what I've been doing. I watched the first season of Six Feet Under, which a friend of mine liked. I can see why.

Then I watched Dexter. It's the best TV series I've seen in a long time. Even better than Arrested Development. The actor that plays David on Six Feet Under plays Dexter as well. He's so great. It was hard going back to Six Feet Under (the first 6 shows of Season 2 came On Demand). His role in Dexter is just so much better. The other one (David) was good. Don't get me wrong. But Dexter is so complicated and has so many, different sides to him. For those not in USA, Dexter is a serial killer who kills only killers that the law cannot get to. Serial killer by night, forensic analyst and a loving boyfriend by day. You sympathize with him and you root for him and then you have to explain to yourself how you can sympathize with a serial killer.

This is not a TV blog (although I have to add that yesterday I watched 'Casablanca' for the first time. It's great. But I bet you already knew that.

Ok, ok. Back to crafts. I've also been working on the Log-Cabin Blanket. I've done 8 rounds on it so far. It's going slowly at this point, but it is nice to have in my lap on cold winter nights. Well, it's not that cold. But the blanket is nice and warm anyways. I've been thinking about a border and now I'm leaning towards no border at all.

I've been doing some crocheting. I can't wait to show it on the blog, but I have no pictures of it so far. It deserves a big post on it's own anyways.

Finally I have a sock projects for when I'm on the go. Since I'm never on the go these days, or chasing after toddlers when I do go anywhere, the project is going slowly. I might just have to take it out of the purse ;) But not until I finish some of those other projects I have at the moment.


Litla Skvís said...

Oooooh! I love Six Feet Under, and I miss those shows so much. I want to buy the series one day when I have the money.

Sonja said...

Just wait until you see Dexter ;)

Litla Skvís said...

Yes, I have to see Dexter!