Monday, March 20, 2006

Woodland Grace update

I am supposed to update on Mondays but it is still a Sunday. It is Monday already in Iceland, does that count?

I made an album on this WIP here: and here are the highlights:

I missed one so here is a update from March 8th, when I was on the train (could explain why it is fussy, lol).

I didn't work on it much but managed to get this much done and here is today's update:

Ok, so as I said before, I lost all my marbles. He he. No, at least I don't think so but I lost all my beads and one of the red colors as well. So I didn't know what to do about it. First I was going to order the beads I needed. But then I discovered that it would cost me the same as the kit costs to begin with, plus I needed that one color, so I just ordered the kit online. There really is no loss for me (or at least that's what I convinced myself) since I got the kit for my birthday. At least I'm not paying for it twice.


RĂ³sa said...

I did so little this monday that I didn't update for this project. I just stitched the white in the angel's wings, that's about it. I didn't feel in warranted a pic. But now that I've finished this months pic in the Margaret Sherry SAL I can stitch more on WG :-) And other projects of course :-D

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