Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm here!

So I'm here after about a week long journey. I'm glad to be here and I see that my worries about being able to knit were needless. The temperature gets around freezing point at night and since the heating is not as good as in Iceland it gets really cold in the house. The heating is not on constantly either because it is expensive. I'm also starting to see the point of the wrist warmers, he he.

I've been here visiting before, in November, February and April/May and it has never been so cold as it is now.

I saw a yarn store in Boston (actually Cambridge). It's called Woolcott and co. It wasn't opened yet (we were there on a Sunday). I was drooling at the windows though. This is my biggest regret during the trip, to have missed the knitting store. I felt real bad about it actually. Finally a REAL yarn shop and I couldn't even enter it (let a lone buy anything). I did however buy Last minute gifts in Barnes and Noble. That helped ease the pain ;) It's a book I've wanted for quite some time but desided not to get it until I was in America to avoid customs.

I'm still getting into the swing of things here. We go to bed super early because of the time difference so there is not a lot of knittin/stitching time. I brought one knitting project and one stitching project. The knitting project is the one I mentioned earlier (baby jacked, neck down raglan) and the stitching project is the Mill Hill kit, of which I have managed to loose all of the beads :(


Litla Skvís said...

So good to hear from you! How on earth did you manage to loose all the beads? I guess traveling such a far distance with two young ones helped ;o)

Rebecca said...

I've been in that Cambridge yarn store. I don't think they have all that much more than Storkurinn, or at least we can say that so you feel better. ;)

Good luck settling in your new home. Nice to hear your trip went well and you were no longer sick.

Cassie said...

Well, welcome to here! ;-) Sorry you missed out on the Boston yarn shop, but I'm sure we can find out the best places to shop when you get where you're going. (Remind me, I'll do some research!)

Sonja said...

The beads were in a little plastic bags (actually two of them) and they got misplaced.

The Cambridge store certainly looked more exotic than Storkurinn. It also probably has some sock yarn, which seems to be unavailable in Iceland, except for few colors of Regia.

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