Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I really like the sweater pattern I'm knitting. First of all, it is a top-down raglan pattern. Which is something I've never done before and it is always fun to to new things. Secondly, it is all knit on the same pair of needles, there is no need to use dpns for the sleeves since they are also knit top-down. After each sleeve is completed it needs to be sewn up and then stitches for the underarm are picked up, so the sewing part is done while the sweater is being knit, which makes the finishing even easier (only to weave in ends). The band for the buttons/button holes is knit as the main body is knit (k4 at each end) so you dont have to pick up stitches and do it afterwards.

I also like the yarn a lot. It is Rowan All Seasons Cotton (60% Cotton, 40% acrylic), which feels remarkably like 'apaskinn' or faux-suede. I like to knit with it, it has a nice texture. I also like the color a lot. I don't even know what it is called and I think it is discontinued. This photo shows it a a purple but it is browner than that (yes, brown).


Sigurlaug said...

Flott peysa, virkar líka fljótleg, og ansi freistandi að prófa þetta mynstur.

Sonja said...

Mjög fljótleg og skemmtileg. Ég nennti samt ekki að hafa öll þessi hjörtu eins og eru á módelinu. Finnst það líka einum of mikið (þau eru á bakinu líka).