Saturday, November 12, 2005

Too busy for crafts? Nah, not me.

I'm hacking away at my dissertation. This weekend I'm sending a revised copy to my instructor. Then I'm taking a little break and will be unpacking (at last) and stealing some time for stitching and knitting.

I'm focusing on smaller projects right now. I'm doing a smal design I got for my birthday and it is almost done, perhaps hour, hour and a half left. But in the meantime I knit up a pair of mittens, about time! I finally found a pattern for Lopi mittens and it had the most clever thum formation. You knit the stitches meant for the thum on an extra yarn (best to use a different color), then you put the stitches back on the left needle and knit them as they nothing happened. Then, when you're done knitting to the top you take out that extra yarn and pick up the stitches! It's brilliant.

You know what else is brilliant? I knit the mittens with the leftover yarn from my red sweater (yes I save leftover yarn :o ... ). It was very exciting to knit with it because I wasn't sure I had enough. Turned out there was just 10 cm (4") left of the yarn when I finished the second mitten, just enough to weave in!

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