Thursday, October 27, 2005

Birthday gifts

I got a lot of gifts this time around. Some from my friends and relatives but most from my stitching friends at Allt í kross. We have a Birthday game, where 15 of us send each other gifts for our birthdays. I go a lot of stitching related gifts, including 3 Mill Hill kits. Those kits are so much fun, they have different beads and decorations and some of them are made with perforated paper, which I love. I've made one kit already - the Angel. Funny enough, all the three other kits I got were angel kits :o One, two, three. little kits ;)

For part of the money I got from my grandmother Laufey I bought Þríhyrnur og langsjöl. Then I will buy herb colored single ply icelandic yarn in Ullarselið, next time I'm in the neighbourhood (they are about 1 hour drive from here). The yarn is on the front page - isn't it beautiful? Can you believe these colors?


Litla Skvís said...

Víhí! Gaman að fá pakka! Ég hlakka svo til að vera með í þessum leik á næsta ári :D

Geggjuð þessi bók og þetta garn!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday!I'm glad that the þríhyrnur og langsjol book is back in print and that you got a copy - which shawl will you make next?

The colors on the Ullarselid website are amazing - they don't sell those colors here (are they hand dyed?). I love the shop's logo with the spindle too.

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