Saturday, January 31, 2009

What now?

I have a finished vest (since Monday) but I only found the iron today so I will block it tonight. Today I had a good luck with my camera. (you can see more photos if you are my flickr friend). Hopefully tomorrow will be a bright day and I will take some pictures of my knitting. Take it out in the snow if I have to. I can only use my camera without flash. The snow really helps with the light ;)

I've been working on the Sunrise Circle Jacket (here are some photos), namely the back. I promised myself that I wouldn't start anything new until I finished the back. This is the first piece I make that is knit in pieces and then sewn up. I like the methods that don't require much sewing, but this jacket was too tempting (plus I didn't realize it was knit in pieces until I started it ;) ). Actually in this case it makes sense to do it this way because the fronts are knit in a semi-circle out of the arms. I started the jacket as soon as I finished the big cardigan for my husband in November, but then put it down to make way for some winter/Christmas knitting. I hadn't gotten very far but picked it up again on Wednesday (my work was closed due to weather so I stayed home) and since then I've managed to almost finish the back. I'm knitting it with a plötulopi (unspun Icelandic wool) held double on 4.5 mm needles. Usually you use 5.5 mm needle for double plötulopi, but this makes a dense fabric (plus I get gauge), which is perfect for a jacket. The color is a beautiful yellow-orangeish heathered yarn.

There are trillion (or maybe just 3-5) projects screaming at me waiting to be started, but I made a deal with myself. I will finish the back first (of the SCJ) before I start anything else. Usually I just start whatever I feel like starting but this will give me some time to think what I want to start first since I'm having a hard time deciding. I brought a lot of yummie yarn from Iceland and am excited about using it, especially in the sub zero (Celsius) temperatures we've been having.

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