Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hedera finished

I've only been knitting these since April! They've never been a focus project. I've carried them around in my purse and knit on them during knitting group or waiting at the post office.

Hedera finished

This brings my WIPs down to 10! I want to start finishing stuff. Lately all I wanted is to start stuff. But finishing makes for a better blog material, right?

I've been focusing on Clint's vintage jacket. It's knit from top down and I'm done with the raglan increases, which means I have 466 stitches on my 3 mm, 40" needle (that would be 100 cm). The fabric is heavy and the stitches are small and the inevitable happened. The cable broke.

While I'm waiting for new needles, I've revisited my projects. It's great to have Ravely because then I have a good overview of what I have on the needles and what I want to work on. Last January I posted a list of WIPs hoping it would inspire me to finish them. The list had 7 WIPs on it. Out of those I finished 4 (the slippers, the pillow and the market bag) and frogged 1 (the linen towel). That leaves 2. Those two are the bath mat which I ran out of yarn on but have since made another one in different colors. This really is a quick and easy project (if you pay attention. I had to frog the finished piece half way back because I had accidentally increased) and I'm thinking about finishing the old WIP up in a different color. It'll look weird but if it's only for us, who cares (Mental Note: Hide it before guests arrive). I'm not a big fan of asymmetry.

The other old WIP is my leftover bag. It's all knit up. I just have to sew on the strap and throw it in the washer. Very complicated :o Well. I better go and take a look. Chiao

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stephanie said...

Congratulations on finishing the socks! I'm looking forward to seeing them at knitting group. I am quite intrigued by the knitty pattern also.