Monday, March 10, 2008

Post knitting camp

I know I should have wrote about this a week ago, but I was consumed by lace knitting and a bad knee.

See, what happened was this. When I stepped into the car going home from the cabin my knee got hurt somehow. Just a wrong tension or something. Whatever it was, it hurt. But since we were still at the Cabin I had to sit with my knee bent all the way to Athens to drop of couple of people and then to Albany. I think it took just over an hour, maybe hour and a half before I could finally stretch out the knee. By then it had swollen up and I had trouble bending it. The hardest thing was to get out of the car and to stretch the knee out to begin with. After that I was much better. I had no trouble putting my weight on my knee, but I couldn't bend it.

HH, the begining

I ended up staying home on Monday, sitting in bed, trying not to move or use my foot too much and KNITTING. I started Hyrna Herborgar and it was a total social pressure. Cassie was knitting it and Sigga Sif too. Last time (and the only) I knit an Icelandic shawl, Cassie knit one too.

On her blog, Cassie´s been talking about how tedious the ever longer rows of the shawl can be. Especially the spider lace in the middle. I wouldn´t mind the shawl being tedious, I made a silly mistake yesterday and spend the whole evening fixing it, just to mess up some more stitches right next to the first mistake :(

My knee is much better now and hopefully Hyrna Herborgar will be too.


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, good that it is doing better.
I have been wanting to knit that shawl... it has the same name as my mother-in-law so I feel like I should make it just because of that too. ;)

Yours is pretty so far, can't wait to see more of it.

Luni said...

Did you realize that the link you used to that shawl is on the website of a knitter and designer who lives near New Orleans? I was just struck by the connection.