Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back from the Big Easy

I'm back. New Orleans was a lot more fun city than I had thought. There was music in the streets, there were people throwing pearls, etc. There was also the combination of spring break and St. Patrick's day.

I didn´t do much sightseeing but our hotel was close to the French Quarter, so I got to see that a little bit. I did see Cafe Du Monde, but they had a line and I don't do lines. So instead we (me and couple of guys I work with) walked around trying to find another cafe. In doing so one of the guys pointed out to me a sign that said needlework on it. Lo and behold, that was the yarn shop! I went in there to look at the goodies while the guys got some coffee next doors. I ended up buying 2 skeins of white organic cotton. Man, that yarn is so soft. I can't believe it's cotton.

This was on the last day, Thursday. The conference was over for me at lunch and my flight wasn't until 7 PM. The trip home went fine, even if it was late and I wasn't feeling 100%. Clint and Ása were sick and I got it too, in somewhat milder form. I was able to attend the conference, but not to do much in the evenings. Plus I didn't have much appertite and normally I have a very healthy appertite. One evening my 'dinner' consisted of an orange and some candy.

Yesterday, Friday, I felt like a wound rag (Icelandic expression for feeling crappy). I had no energy whatsoever. Today I feel much better. Just typing on the computer was to much for me yesterday. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't even browse Ravelry :)

Knitting wise, I made one sock during the trip and started his twin brother. It's a quick, easy and fun pattern called the International Sock of Doom, and was used in the Sock Wars. It's the perfect pattern for gifted socks because it uses size 4 (3.5 mm) needles, sport weight yarn and super stretchy ribbing. So it is both quick, will fit well and looks good too.


slauga said...

hæ, mig dreymir alltaf um að prjóna á mig sokka en hef ekki tíma í e-a fíngerða núna svo mig langaði að kíkja á Doom sokkana. Tengillinn vísar bara á uppskrift en enga mynd, veistu hvar ég get séð mynd af þeim?

Sonja said...

Ef þú ert ekki búin að skrá þig á Ravelry þá myndi ég ráðleggja þér að gera það ekki seinna en strax. Þar er hægt að sjá myndir af öllum mögulegum uppskriftum og hvaða garn fólk hefur verið að nota og svona. Algjör snilld.

Annars fann ég aðra uppskrift af þessum sömu sokkum hérna með mynd

litlaskvis said...

Oh þú fórst til New Orleans! Mig hefur alltaf langað að fara þangað. Á þar vinkonu sem að ég hef hugsað mér að heimsækja við tækifæri :)