Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is there really such a thing as practical lace?

I´m back in Ohio. I went to take a SEM class in Massachusetts. I started socks from the toe-up in the car going to the airport and I started the second sock in the airplane coming back. I made the ribbing a little more interesting than plain k2p2 ribbing, but at the expense of time. They are more time consuming but look better. The socks are made with Online Supersocke 100, my favorite multicolored sock yarn on US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles.

I only had about half-an-hour of work left on my market bag when I left for MA and I finished it last night.

Markaðstaska hangandi Markaðstaska mynstur

Markaðstaska liggjandi

It is made from a pattern called 'The Shetland Shopper' and can be found on the designer's web page for free. I had the right yarn for it. I bought it (on sale) last summer and intended it for a market bag/shopping bag. It is hempathy in black. The pattern was very enjoyable. If you like knitting lace and if you like knitting practical things, this pattern is perfect.

I´m very happy about how it turned out. I put some apples in it to test it and it GREW. It seems the more you put in it the bigger it gets :) Farmer's market, here I come!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Ekkert smáflott pokanet sem hefur óútreiknanlegt pláss, þetta er snilld sem er hægt að dröslast með hvert sem er!


Anonymous said...

Billy! Billy! You git that god damned dog out of the chicken house. Now go'on up there and play squat tag with your brothers in the cucumber patch!


Anonymous said...

En sniðug innkaupataska. Hún á örugglega eftir að nýtast þér vel.

Harpa J said...

Ég þarf að gera mér svona!

StashDiva said...

Frábær taska, ég þarf að gera svona ef ég finn eitthvað garn sem hentar.