Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So close ...

This was written last night (20th), but the Internet wasn't working so I couldn't post it.

As you might remember from my second to last post about a month ago that my Lopapeysa cardigan was finished, the knitting portion anyways. I couldn't finish it all the way because I didn't have an access to a "good" enough sewing machine (one that could handle the bulkiness of the sweater).

Fast forward to last week. Lady at work is a new knitter and her friend that taught her knitting lives in Florida so she asks me if I could help her with her knitting (she saw me looking at knitting blogs and was delighted to find out I knit). Then couple of days later I thought that maybe she could help me with the sewing part of the cardigan. Lo and behold, today she brought a traveling Janome machine to work for me to borrow.

So tonight I managed to sew up the front where the two purl stitches were and cut down the middle (steeking I guess). I'm not to confident with sewing so I wanted to find out more (and boy did I, check out this fantastic tutorial). Plus, I needed thread that matched my cardigan better (better than the arbitrary one I used for the steeking which is burgundy colored - vínrauður).

I was going through the tutorial and checking out the zipper vis-a-vis the cardigan when I noticed THE THING. The thing is that the zipper is too small! A little small would be ok, but it is at least 2" too small! How could that happen? I measured the cardigan again and again to make sure it was indeed 22".

I bet that by the time I finish it, it'll be too warm to wear it. I did place an order at Joann's for the larger size (24") zipper, and couple of other things while I was at it, e.g. Wonder Tape to facilitate the putting-the-zipper-in process (a tip from the tutorial).

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Rebecca said...

I had this happen with the zipper lopapeysa I made. I think the zipper I measured was too long, and then I bought one that was too short, and then I realised the first one fit after all. Or maybe it was the other way around. I think it's because the knitted fabric is stretchy and it's hard to measure properly.