Thursday, November 30, 2006

Asa Soley's socks

I took a photo of Ása's socks as well [Edited - The socks are now finished.]. The first one is done at the moment. The yarn is thicker and I'm using 3 mm needles instead of the 2.5 mm. I'm actually following Cat Bordhi's basic sock pattern to the T. It wasn't what I started out with. The top part (ribbing) is acutally about inch shorter (3.5" vs. 4.5") than in her pattern because I just knit one repeat of the yarn (blue to start of blue). I knit the heel flap k1s1. I didn't do it with Kamilla's sock and I found the heel flap too wide compaired to the ribbing. After I turned the heel I desided to continue the ribbing and then it accured to me that I had in fact followed her pattern all the way through). It's a good pattern.

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Fríða said...

mér sýnist þetta ganga bara vel hjá þér, hinir fínustu sokkar!