Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two in a row!

Blogging two days in a row! It is obvious that my computer time is not as much work related as before (at the moment).

At preschool (leikskóli) yesterday, Kamilla and I saw a beautiful, pink, furry scarf. She loved it. Kamilla turned pink overnight and wants to wear everything pink, it can be her rain suit, just as long as it is pink! So off we went to buy yarn. I didn't like the all-eyelash yarn version of the scarf we saw at school. Both it is not very warm but also it was too stretchy. I wanted a warmer, more consistent scarf so I am using one strand white SISU yarn and one strand eyelash yarn.

I'm knitting it with 4 mm needles and right from the start I got the feeling it was too tight. I experimented with 5 mm but was afraid the scarf wouldn't be as furry so I stuck with the 4 mm. I only got about 25 cm done the first night (and I was hoping it would be a 2 evening project). And those 25 cm are post stretching of the garter stitch (garðaprjón).

[útúrdúr] I wonder if garter means the same in English as garður means in Icelandic? Garður (of this I am about 90% sure) means the rows of hey that is raked when you are heying. [/útúrdúr]

I am including two more photos. One shows the real color better and the other shows the eyelash better.


Litla Skvís said...

Múhahahahaha! Velkomin á bleika aldurinn! Mín er sem betur fer hætt... en ekki tók skárra við - fjólublár!!!

Judy said...

Garter in English, is the elastic thing ladies used to wear around their legs to hold up their stockings (when ladies wore stockings, before pantyhose -- which no one wears now either!). I don't know why garter stitch is named for that, though. A little etymological research seems to be called for!

Rebecca said...

If I recall correctly from some lecture on Victoriana that I went to, it's called garter in English because the garters to hold up stockings were knit with that stitch (it being stretchy).