Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Victim of the Washing Machine

The washing machine claimed yet another victim. This time a Citron shawl made out of Malabrigo (Mmmmm.... Malabrigo) lace weight yarn.

I made it two and a half a year ago while traveling to a conference and to hang out with a friend (who happened to be visiting New England at the same time as me). Here is the link to the project on Ravelry.

Well, now the shaw fits my cat nicely.

It actually felted very well. It shrank up to next to nothing in size and there is no stitch definition. The fabric is very thick (and still very smooth).

I don't know how this happened. The shawl was hidden inside my husband's blue Snuggie (warning - never get a Snuggie!), but how it got there in the first place is beyond me.

You can trust kids to find humor in everything. My 9 year old thought it was only appropriate to give the shawl a good burial. So she made a casket for her (the shawl), a tombstone, and a rose to go on top. (Seen in the photo below) The tombstone reads "Bless this shawl for it had a fear of the washing machine". Ha ha ha. It's not possible to be sad about the early demise of the shawl with humorous kids like that around. The next day her 7 year old sister added R.I.P. to the tombstone.

p.s. It's my husband that loads the washer and the dryer, not me. I'm completely innocent of this heinous crime. There is an Icelandic translation of this pattern


stephanie said...

Oh! The Malabrigo!!

Sigurlaug said...

Ó nei, ó nei. Ég kíkti einmitt nýlega inn á Ravelry-síðuna þína og var að dást að þessu fallega Citron-sjali. Malabrigo er dásemd. Ég hefði sko orðið alveg rasandi ef e-r hefði sett svona í vélina heima! O jæja, ástæða til að prjóna nýtt í næstu ráðstefnuferð (og kaupa nýtt, fallegt garn í sjalið...)

Sonja said...

Myndin af sjalinu á Ravelry gerði því ekki góð skil. Það var meira að segja flottara í alvörunni ;)

Malabrigo is yummie. I'm going to a conference in Orlando in March. I wonder if they have any decent yarn shops although I doubt it (not close to the conference center anywho). I already have a shawl planned to knit for the trip.

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

ÓÓÓ! Og úr Malabrigo! Þú átt alla mína samúð. En stelpurnar eru alveg miljón ;-)