Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not done yet!

In the last post I wrote about a hat I made out of leftover worsted weight yarn. When I finished the hat, I still had a bunch left of three of the colors. It was perfect to make Kate from Knitty. The pattern is old, from 2005 and I have to say that it's not as well edited as more recent patterns. There's nothing really wrong with the pattern. There is not an error per se, but there are differences between the instructions and how the item looks.

You start at the bottom of the body and increase. The increases don't look like the increases in the pictures. The increases in the pattern are 'knit in front and back - kfb' while in the pictures you can see that the increases are directional and they don't look like 'kfb'. So I just made up the increases as I went. I didn't know which way they were supposed to be but I more or less made the increases on the first half of the stitches one way and the other half of the stitches the other way and that worked out all right.

The decreases at the top of the body were directional. It would have looked funky if the bottom half all increased in one direction and the top half had some of the decreases in one direction and some in another.

It was by no means a bad pattern. The rest of it was a smooth sailing and I did learn a great way to attach extremities.

Friend of mine is having a baby in November. Actually a friend and a co-worker's wife. Plus couple of other people I know, but I don't know them enough to knit them anything major. Maybe a bib? So anyways, Kate (whom I call Kata rokkar in Ravelry - Icelandic for Kate rocks) will be a present for my friend's baby.

Kata rokkar is also a name of a song Björk recorded on the jazz record Gling Gló in 1990.

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Harpa J said...

Kata rokkar er flott nafn fyrir þetta skemmtilega leikfang!