Saturday, January 08, 2011

Meet Oscar

I want you all to meet my new friend Oscar.

Oscar is nice little fellow, made out of Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted. Oh, how soft it is and beautiful and how irresistible it was in the sale bin for 40% off.

Once he was done, I got some buttons for him and then couldn't resist adding a smiling face. Oscar is quite a little charmer.

But Oscar has a secret. He's nut just an adorable green rectangle. Oh no. He is a protector of something very valuable and dear to me. My Kobo e-reader.

I wanted something to help protect dear Kobo and I loosely followed a Berroco pattern, Baobab. I got some buttons for the cover and after I put them in I saw how remarkably they looked like eyes so I couldn't resist adding a nice smile and that's how Oscar was born. Doesn't he just look like an Oscar?

Oscar is a fierce protector of my Kobo as I just mentioned. On Kobo, I can store all my knitting pattern, put journal papers and of course read books. All of this is very handy, and very portable and easy to use. The documents are put on the Kobo by 'drag-and-drop' (i.e. you plug it into the USB port on your computer and copy directly to the Kobo - no special programs needed. It also has a SD slot, so I can put memory cards in it to increase the storage even further (it comes with 1 GB of memory).

The Kobo came in handy yesterday (Friday), when I had to see a doctor and then get an X-ray and wait at the pharmacy for pain killers. Thankfully the bone is just bruised, but not broked, but I had a lot of waiting to do and got through a big portion of the book I borrowed from the library (Marley and Me). What happened was that I fell, knees first, on concrete. I don't recommend it.


Sus said...

Hello! I found your blog because we are "neighbors" on Ravelry. Oscar is adorable! And very useful, too, I'm sure. I'm glad you're enjoying your Kobo and I hope your knees feel better soon!!

Sonja said...

Thanks. My leg is back to normal. It was suppose to take a long time to heal but I´m good as new already :)