Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A thought

I need a portable project.

I'm totally in love with crochet hexagons. I'm up to 38 hexagons on the blanket now (the picture shows the blanket at 22 hexagons). The endless possibilities of color combination and the fact that you never do the same hexagon twice in a row and that the blanket basically makes itself (finish ends and combining hexagons as you go). However, it's not very portable. I'd have to log around all these skeins of yarn, and they would be all over the place.

The other project I'm working on is a sweater I started on March 1st. It's pattern nr. 18 on this Danish site. Yes, it's been that long and I finally just finished the sleeves 10 days ago (while at a knitting retreat with some great (knitting) friends - where the hexagon blanket got a lot of attention) and started the main body of the sweater shortly thereafter, but after I made the whole ribbing (this was during the last episode of LOST) I realized I'd made a mistake. I can't go on and ignore it and the mistake only came along because I didn't read through the sentence describing how do do it :o In my defense, it was hard to concentrate with LOST on, especially the very last episode!

This is not a very portable project either, not until I've finished the very bottom piece with all the color changes. Once I'm up far enough that it's just knitting around and around, it will be a portable project.

I guess I know now what to focus on now. All I have to do is restart the body of the sweater and I'll end up with a portable project.

Problem solved

Of course I could always start a new project.............

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