Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A package

Yesterday we got a package in the mail from Iceland. It turned out to be from my mom (Amma Rósa as she is better known in our household). In it was clothes from the girls, including these handmade, knitted by Amma Rósa, shirts for the girls. Just in time for the warmer weather we are having more and more.

I just had to share these. They are too beautiful not to. The pattern is interesting and the color combination great.

It wasn't just the girls that got handmade clothes from Amma Rósa, the doll got an crochet outfit. Ása loved the outfit, but was quick to point out that Amma had forgotten about the hat :o She knows her way around clothes already. I tried to start a hat yesterday. I had some fine cotton yarn, but was having problems with it and was too tired to figure it out.

The doll outfit had a sweater, pants, a purse and socks. Of course the first thing Kamilla did was to put the socks on the cat!

Takk fyrir okkur amma Rósa :)

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Paula said...

Beautiful sweaters! What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail.